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HPVM guest dynamic memory managment software

Regular Advisor

HPVM guest dynamic memory managment software

Hello Expert,




I just instaled the HPGUES Memory managment software & run the below commands


# mknod /dev/hpvmdynmem c 171 0


# ll /dev/hpvmdynmem

crw-r--r--   1 root       sys        171 0x000000 Jul 14 09:16 /dev/hpvmdynmem


# kcmodule hpvmdynmem

ERROR:   There is no module named 'hpvmdynmem'.


# cat </dev/hpvmdynmem

sh: /dev/hpvmdynmem: Cannot find or ope


Please let me know the reason & solution behind this....


Below is the solution provide by the SAP

Issue is there : is a process called SAP OS collector process was generating to many child procese.We concern this to SAP

& the provided the below solution

( My VM version is B.04.30)


Dear Customer,
It is a known issue at HP.
First of all refer to SAP note #918279:
IMPORTANT: When running inside a "HP Integrity Virtual Machines"
(HPVM) guest, the latest HPVM guest library patches must be installed
on the guest system. Otherwise the saposcol process might hang, when
collecting data.
Update the above-mentioned library AND also saposcol to the latest
version ( V3.1.1, see SAP note #918279).
In addition to this , HP gave following answer to a similar issue:
Collected the below outputs to verify .
# ll /dev/hpvmdynmem
# lsdev
# kcmodule hpvmdynmem
The hpvmdynmem device file is stale. It points to driver 144 which is
and not to hpvmdynmem at 171.
To remove and re-create the /dev/hpvmdynmem file
#rm /dev/hpvmdynmem
#mknod /dev/hpvmdynmem c 171 0
One can check if it works fine by doing:
# cat </dev/hpvmdynmem
It should printout some stats.


I copied the software from host to guest the path of the host is :/opt/hpvm/guest-images/hpux/11iv3/

The guest path is :/var/hp/depot/ .


I installed this S/W on the guest .


Therefore when I run the below commands no output shown e.g


#mknod /dev/hpvmdynmem c 171 0

# ll /dev/hpvmdynmem

# kcmodule hpvmdynmem

# cat </dev/hpvmdynmem


Request you to please suggest me on this.


Thanks & have a great day ahead.



Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: HPVM guest dynamic memory managment software

So the errors would suggest you don't have the VM guest libraries installed in your VM (or v6.x vPar).


What version of HPVM/vPars are you using?


Regular Advisor

Re: HPVM guest dynamic memory managment software

Hello Duncan,

Thanks for the revert.The version of HPVM/vPars is - B.04.30).

Please suggest further....

Thanks & regards,
Dave Olker

Re: HPVM guest dynamic memory managment software

Did you install the VM guest kit inside the VM guest?  This is required to use the Dynamic Memory feature.