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WBEM error on Integrity Virtual Server Manager

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WBEM error on Integrity Virtual Server Manager


I got a problem with my 11.31.  In the SMH, in the Integrity Virtual Server Manager I got this message:


An error occurred collecting data -- query failed. 

An error occurred communicating with WBEM: CIM_ERR_FAILED CIM_ERR_FAILED: @1:An internal error has occurred.[Cannot find the function, hpvm_api_get_avail_cpu_count, in the library /opt/hpvm/lib/hpux64/]


How can I update this library or fix this problem?





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Re: WBEM error on Integrity Virtual Server Manager

It's not just about updating that library. The library is integral part of HPVM product and needs to be in sync with versions

of other components. The missing API is part of HPVM since V6.0, i.e. for quite some time. The fact that WBEM

provider wants to find, it means that you are using newer provider but still have an old HPVM version installed.

You really should update HPVM - versions pre V6.x are no longer supported by HP anyway.




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Re: WBEM error on Integrity Virtual Server Manager

I also ran into this on running HPVM(4.20.05) and trying to use the VMMGR(6.3), except i wouldn't even connect. If you can upgrade to the latest HPVM & VPAR 6 you should do that, but if like me you have to run an older version I did find a doc on how to get  this to run. The steps I followed from that document was as the following.


Remove software  VMMGR

Remove software  VirtualBase (B.06.30)

remove directories /opt/vmmgr and /var/opt/vmmgr


then install the following(depending on you version) in my case it's HPVM 4.20.05


VMProvider 4.20.05                   WBEM Provider for Integrity VM

T2767CC (HPVM 4.20.05)        Integrity VM 

VMMGR    A.           HP Integrity VM Manager


They do mention in the doc that you will not lose any vm machines or configurations, I was building on a clean install so I can't veify that. Here is a pointer to the support doc I used as a reference. I did need to reboot after the installs. Thanks to Stan for pointing me in the right direction.