how to check hp -icap details

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how to check hp -icap details

in our client we have configured HP-ICAP . how to check icap configured this server or not?

$ /usr/contrib/bin/machinfo
CPU info:
Intel(R) Itanium(R) Processor 9340 (1.6 GHz, 20 MB)
4 cores, 8 logical processors per socket
4.79 GT/s QPI, CPU version E0
Active processor count:
3 sockets
11 cores (3 to 4 per socket)
22 logical processors
LCPU attribute is enabled
Memory: 122876 MB (120 GB)



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Re: how to check hp -icap details



Run icapstatus -s to get the system's product number, serial number and the audit snapshot string to audit icap settings.

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Re: how to check hp -icap details

Use the icapstatus (no args) command to see if there are icap components on the system.



 # icapstatus


Instant Capacity Resource Summary
Number of cells without usage rights:                                        0
Number of inactive cells:                                                    0
Amount of memory without usage rights:                                  0.0 GB
Amount of inactive memory:                                              0.0 GB
Number of cores without usage rights:                                        0
Number of inactive cores:                                                    2
Number of cores using temporary capacity:                                    0
Temporary capacity available:                       0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes


No zero values above for the "without usage rights" items indicate active iCAP components (cells, memory, cores) are on the system.   The example above shows no iCAP components are active.


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