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hpux vmguest increase

Regular Advisor

hpux vmguest increase



How do I know if I need a reboot to increase the memory of my vm guest.

and How do I do it?


VM Host OS: B.11.31


VMHost # swlist|grep -i integrity
  T2767BC                       B.04.00        Integrity VM
  VMGuestLib                    B.04.00        Integrity VM Guest Support Libraries
  VMKernelSW                    B.04.00        Integrity VM Kernel Software
  VMProvider                    B.04.00        WBEM Provider for Integrity VM
VMHost #


Please suggest

Regular Advisor

Re: hpux vmguest increase

VMHost # hpvmmodify -P VMGuest -r 11G
hpvmmodify: Unable to dynamically set the memory information.
hpvmmodify: Guest needs to be restarted for all changes to take effect.
VMHost #
Trusted Contributor

Re: hpux vmguest increase

You seem to have answered both of your questions.

Kris Knigga

Re: hpux vmguest increase

You're running Integrity VM v4.0, which supports dynamic memory.  The fact that it's not working when you try adjusting memory tells me the feature is not enabled for your guest.  For instructions on enabling dynamic memory check the admin guide here: