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hpvm guest cluster query

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hpvm guest cluster query

Hi ,
Let me explain you the exact problem,

We have 2 rx2800 servers.
They both are in S/G cluster.
My application reqmnt is of 11iv2 and since tukvila processor doesnt support 11iv2 we had no choice but to go with IVM.
Hence we have two Base O.S of hpux 11iv3 and 2 IVM guests of 11iv2

The problem we are facing now is from 1st IVM when we are trying to do ftp transfer within LAN we are facing no issues no matter how many files ( tested 5 files each of 100MB goes in 8 sec to another hosts in same LAN )
But when i try the same number of files to transfer to DR site 1st,2nd file goes in desired speed, the 3rd,4th,5th file simply hangs.gets stalled.

From Second IVM we are neither able to transfer data within LAN nor WAN.

Now HP has recommended some patches ( PHNE_42014 and PHNE_42661 ) which require a reboot.

What am planning is do a cmhaltnode to remove second IVM from cluster.
Take ignite backup of 2nd IVM.
Install patches , take a reboot and then check ftp transfer .

Kindly let me know if am missing something.



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Re: hpvm guest cluster query

Closing this thread since no answers.