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1620-24G Switch #of Vlan interface

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1620-24G Switch #of Vlan interface

Hi All,

Can you help me configure this switch?

I have a management vlan 100 in my network. All of my HP switches i put in vlan 100 as management vlan, but with 1620-24g i have a problem. I try to add a trunk port between my 1620-24g and 2510 switch and add that ports to vlan 100. After that i cant accesss my 1620-24g, all of other switches in vlan 100 are accessible, but they are configured with VLAN management interface in vlan 100. In my 1620-24g i cant modify vlan interface from vlan1 to vlan 100 and i have access to switch only from default vlan 1.

How can i access my switch from vlan 100 for configuring?
Thanks in advance!


Re: 1620-24G Switch #of Vlan interface

Hi gamber, 

according to this documentation, your switch is able to handle 802.1 Q VLANs, which includes only tagged VLANs for my understanding.


On Page 5 you will find this restriction, your switch won't support Management Interface other than VLAN 1 or default VLAN.

As for VLAN interfaces, the switch supports only VLAN-interface 1,and the VLAN-interface cannot
be modified.

The only ways to solve your problem, seems to me: 

1.) disable VLANs and reduce your 2510 switch port to an access port only with Default VLAN 1

2.) use VLAN1 as default untagged VLAN in your 2510 switch trunk port and manage routing to VLAN 1 from it by setting up a VLAN interface for VLAN 1.

3.) install a management system as an extra hop with access to VLAN 1 and the management VLAN.

4.) buy a bigger switch.

Btw: I am neither experienced with a 2510, nor with a 1620. There might be better solutions.

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Re: 1620-24G Switch #of Vlan interface

Thank you!

Didnt see that thing about only vlan 1 interface in manual!