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1920 Web Interface Problem

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1920 Web Interface Problem

We assigned each VLAN a static IP so we could login to the Web Interface as per the 1920 User Guide. After doing that we have to reboot the switch everytime to login using the Web interface. we have 20 of these 1920 swirches and they all have the same problem.

We had Vijetha K
GSD Customer Solution Center            
HPE Pointnext
of HP remote in to look at this issue and she does not not know how to fix it. she has never seen this issue.

Case 5326326720

Can someone on this forum help?


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Re: 1920 Web Interface Problem

Your issue looks not entirely clear to me...are you saying that on a HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switch you defined various IP based VLANs (or various VLANs) and then you're trying to use them all to access the (Web GUI) Management from all those VLANs independently and irrespectively from any VLAN you started the connection to?

I'm under the impression (never tested myself) that you can select just one VLAN among all you have already configured and just assign to that specific VLAN an IP Address that will be used as Management IP for the entire Switch...basically you can select one VLAN from the VLANs list (of VLANs you configured), assign to that VLAN an IPv4 (or IPv6) Address with its respective Netmask and then use that specific IP Address to connect to the Management Web GUI of the Switch.

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Re: 1920 Web Interface Problem

Problem still not solved. Have to physically go to a switch to manage it. Not acceptable.

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Re: 1920 Web Interface Problem


It's not clear from yopur original post exactly what you are trying to do.  
I manage a site with a number of 1920 switches, and I have no problem connecting to any of them.

Assuming your management vlan is 100 with a subnet of, then the below config will allow you to remote onto them via the Web UI from any of the addresses define in acl 2000


acl number 2000
description Control HTTP access to switches
rule 10 permit source
rule 20 permit source
rule 30 permit source 0

local-user admin
password hash cipher aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
authorization-attribute level 3
service-type telnet terminal
service-type web

interface Vlan-interface100
ip address

ip route-static Vlan-interface100 (.1 is the gateway)

user-interface vty 0 15
acl 2000 inbound