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Re: 1920 - how switch web gui #vlan interface?

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1920 - how switch web gui #vlan interface?


i need to Access and Configure the Switch Through Web GUI on vlan 200 instead the default vlan1. how can i switch the vlan interface and set the 200 as default allowing web access? l already done this on other switch but i always forgot the procedure. 

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Re: 1920 - how switch web gui #vlan interface?

Create a VLAN interface for VLAN 200 and give it an IP address.


Restrict access via an ACL if needed (for example...)

 ip http acl 2000

acl number 2000

 description Control HTTP access to switches

 rule 10 permit source

 rule 20 permit source

 rule 30 permit source 0


then add a route if you will be connecting from a different vlan/subnet

 ip route-static Vlan-interface200 n.n.n.n (where n.n.n.n is vlan 200 gateway address).