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HP 1820 and Vlan

Occasional Contributor

HP 1820 and Vlan

I have a problem to make Vlans on this switch.

i have the following Vlans:


vlans 1 : standard

vlan10 : for networking with PCs

vlan 20: for cameras

vlan 30: a NAS or server


1) I put the port from the server/NAS to VLAN 30 and UNTAGGED

2) I put the port from the server/NAS to VLAN 20 and VLAN 10 with TAGGED

3) I put my PC in VLAN 10 with TAGGED and VLAN 1 UNTAGGED (for configure the switch)


But i cannot access from my PC to the NAS/Server. Why. I think its my problem.


Can you help me


Respected Contributor

Re: HP 1820 and Vlan

Hi !


First: PC usually does not understand TAG vlan.
Second: Your switch is routing between VLANs (L3)?