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HP 1950 JG961A "xtd-cli-mode"

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HP 1950 JG961A "xtd-cli-mode"


HP 1950 JG961A- HPE Comware Software, Version 7.1.045, Release 3115P03

 User : admin

User Role : network-admin  & network-operator


Could somebody told me whats the password to the "xtd-cli-mode" ?

After the help command  ' ? " switch show options :

display Display current system information
initialize Delete the startup configuration file and reboot system
ipsetup Configure an IP address for VLAN-interface 1
password Specify password of local user
ping Ping function
poe Power over Ethernet
quit Exit from current command view
reboot Reboot operation
summary Display summary information of the device
telnet Establish a telnet connection
transceiver Enable transceiver phony alarm
undo Cancel current setting
upgrade Upgrade the system boot file or the Boot ROM program
xtd-cli-mode Switch to extended CLI mode to display and execute all commands
(special authorization required)




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Re: HP 1950 JG961A "xtd-cli-mode"

Are you aware about this "Warning: Extended CLI mode is intended for developers to test the system. Before using commands in extended CLI mode, contact the Technical Support and make sure you know the potential impact on the device and the network"?

I'm not an HPE Employee
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Re: HP 1950 JG961A "xtd-cli-mode"

I'm here, thinking...
What is the purpose of this password?
That's absolutely ridiculous.
The password needed take away my freedom to configure advanced resources in the equipment that I bought to this purpose.
Please bring back the system-view to the switch without this password, like HP5120, HP5130, HP3600 switches...

Well, my friend, the password is:

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Re: HP 1950 JG961A "xtd-cli-mode"

This is for IMC access so the switch can be managed by the central management system. 

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Re: HP 1950 JG961A "xtd-cli-mode"

How can I change this default password?


Re: HP 1950 JG961A "xtd-cli-mode"

You mean the "advanced developer" commands like configuring ports on the switch?  This switch is retarded.