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HP1920 IGMP router port detection

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HP1920 IGMP router port detection


I am using an HP 1920 switch (SW version 5.20.99 Release 1112) to distribute multicast streams.

I have activated IGMP Snooping and the IGMP Querier (v2) for the respective VLAN and set the switch to be the querier itself instead of proxying by setting the switch IP as querier source IPs. I can see that the switch is elected querier inside of the VLAN and the querier timeout value is correctly refreshed.

When I first connect my multicast source, the port is correctly recognized as multicast router port ( I can see it as "router" port for the multicast in the multicast entries' details), but after roughly 5 minutes the port is no longer recognized as router port and the streams time out.

I am not sure that my multicast source behaves correctly, but is there a way to statictly define this port as a multicast router port? Also if that is feasible, does that automatically mean that all available multicast streams will be forwarded on that port despite the snooping and "drop unknown multicast" being activated?