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HP1950 broken web interface

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HP1950 broken web interface

I have a stack of 4 HP1950s, two JG962A and two JG963A working together in an IRF stack. All of a sudden the management interface is broken. I can login but after that the menu remains empty only an error window opens with "The data error". (see here)

Looking at all the web requests I see a request to "/wnm/get.j?sessionid=abc" which gets answers with


and then everythings ends.

I'm quite stuck with this since these things are completely useless without a web interface since CLI is abcent. The only thing I tried so far is cycling the power. Network switching is performing without any issues. From what I can tell these all seem to run firmware version r3115p03.

I'm in the blind here. I'm looking for insights on how to analyze this and what steps to take to get this back to life.
Any insight/advice is apreciated


Re: HP1950 broken web interface


Did you try using different web browser IE 9.0 / 10 / 11.0 and check to see if the error persists. From the software releases i could see the latest build is R3208P03,you may also consider for upgrade to avoid any known bugs.

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Re: HP1950 broken web interface

Thanks for the suggestion, all browser fail similarly unfortunately.
I was hoping for an easy alternative to fix this and already considered doing the firmware update. That's not an easy route though with a broken web interface since I'd have to use the boot menu on all 4 individually. Bringing some network downtime into the picture as well.

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Re: HP1950 broken web interface

I managed to fix it.
Updating the firmware to the latest version didn't help, the web interface was still broken, though slightly less 'bad'. I had already given up until my collegue persited to also replace the configuration with a backup one. That did it.
We've downloaded the original switch config and been comparing that to the backup which we gave it. There is hardly any difference betwee the two, ony 5 ports that moved between VLANs.

So, strange as it may seem; replacing the config may fix the web interface. Doens't give me a very 'robust' feeling.