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HPE Officeconnect 1920S VLAN and Trunk Setup

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HPE Officeconnect 1920S VLAN and Trunk Setup

Need help setting up Layer 2 VLANs to be transported between Buildings via Firewalls.

Note these are 1920S series which only have an imbedded Browser for the configuration.

Would like an example of just 1 VLAN Access Port to the Trunk Link Port to the Firewall that I can setup in the 2 switches and test.

I am new to this product, until last week this wasn't my project, and so far I cannot get any of the VLANs work.

Please answer for the 1920S product only as has a completely different webpage design thatn the 1920.

Also, the 1920S does not allow for CLI Telnet nor does it have a serial port.

Any help or getting pointed in the right direction is very much appreciated.




Update - Found the problem was how the VLANs get tagged to a Port or Trunk....now have 5 VLANs and 2 Trunks working between 3 different locations.

When configuring the VLANs it is real easy to inadvertantly delete the previous settng after moving to the next screen due to the way the programming for the "Port Membership" works.

Solution is to frequently move to the "Port Configuration" screen to verify the VLANs haven't been deleted.

Also, Under the "Diagnostics" section there is a "Support File" option that has the complete programming in printable form for future reference and the "Maintenance"  section has the "File Transfer" screen for backing up the configuraton.