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Help voice/data vlan configuration

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Help voice/data vlan configuration

Hi all,


I need some help to configure a "simple" data/voice vlan on my two HP 1910 switch.

I have 2 sites separated by a VPN connection.

The internet connection is on the site A, the PBX on the site B.

The site A share the connection with the site B through the VPN.


In the "A" switch, I have internet on port 23 and VPN on the port 24. all the other ports are used for the phones.


I created 2 VLAN, 11 "data", 22 "voice".


What should I choose between "tagged" "untagged" "pvid" for all ports?

Wich VLAN should I apply to the ports?

For the 23 and 24 ports, I think there is a special config?


It's a bit confusing to me, and I need "best practice" to config the "B" swich in the same way.


Thanks !