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Help with VOIP

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Help with VOIP

I need you help, I'm new to networking and VOIP system.

Im new the new IT person for a startup company our network not correctly setup and need help about that,

I will tell you our current conf, and tell me how to make it better

We have T1 for Voice --> connected to Cisco Router which provide DHCP IPs 10.70.0.xx--> connted to  HP 1920 48G POE switch . 12 ports ( the Cisco voice router is conneted one of them) and IP Polycom IP Phones all in VLAN2 

for DATA we have Comcast router/modem with DHCP IP 10.1.10.xx --> connted to the same HP Switch.

the rest of the switch ports are on VLAN 1( including the  port connected to Comcast router). any of these ports gives 10.1.10.xx IP from comcast.

Comcast DATA conneted to switch port Ge0/1 VLAN1 and Cisco VOICE connted to Ge0/2 VLAN2

everything working fine but i want to connect phones to any port and they get the Cisco VOICE IPs and if i connect the laptop to the Phone ethernet port I want the laptop to get Comcast DATA IP, . i think all companies have their IP phones connected to the wall and laptop/pc conntected to the IP Phone.


How can i configure the HP switch to do that, please need help., i can provide more detauls 

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Re: Help with VOIP

You need to add VLAN2 as a tagged VLAN to all your switchports EXCEPT GE1 and GE2.
You need to add VLAN2 untagged to GE2.

You need to configure all your phones to use VLAN2 as the Voice VLAN.
You can do this either with:
 - manual config on each phone
 - LLDP on the switch
 - DHCP options. <-- if you do it this way, and LLDP isn't available you will need to configure the option on your Data DHCP scope as well.

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Re: Help with VOIP

All ports are access by default, I read that ports to carry Voice and Data they should be trunk ports, Am I right ?

in the HP swtich there are 3 modes, Access, Trunk and Hybrid 


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Re: Help with VOIP

adding to options suggested earlier, MAC based VoiceVLAN steering is also possible:
Configure the switch which MAC address range your phones are using,  and switch can automatically sent their packets to VoiceVLAN. 
btw: all of these options are pretty well documented in 500+ pages HP1920-UserGuide

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Re: Help with VOIP

Its all working good after changing  all port to Trunck mode and Ge0/1 and Ge/02 to Access mode