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Need a Transceiver Module

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Need a Transceiver Module

I recently ordered a few V1910-48G switches along with a couple transceiver modules that I thought were the correct ones.  Upon receiving them, I found out that I ordered the incorrect modules.  The connections I have on my fiber cables are not what I thought they were.  I think I have identified the correct connection type that I have but I'm not able to find a suitable mini GBIC module for my switches.  The connection type is SC, I believe.  Are there suitable transceiver modules available for these switches that will enable me to connect my fiber cables to them?


I appreciate any help that can be offered.



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Re: Need a Transceiver Module

I use 1000BASE-SX (multimode fiber) and 1000BASE-LX (singlemode fiber) for testing, both works with V1910-24G.