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Newbie Question

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Newbie Question

I have an HP 1910 switch that I am configuring to route between 2 subnets. I have created 2 VLANs (VLAN8 and VLAN9), and assigned ports for each. The switch is doing a good job routing between these 2 VLANs, however I am having a problem. As soon as I change either VLAN from Untagged to Tagged, I lose access to the management interface (running on the Default VLAN1). I can't seem to get access to the web management interface from either VLAN8 or VLAN9, even though I've configured my PC for their subnets. Do I need to change the default VLAN to VLAN8 or VLAN9 in order to make this work? If so, how do I do this? 




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Re: Newbie Question

Please explain what you mean by "changing a VLAN from untagged to tagged". Un/Tagging is a per-port configuration - so what port are you changing to Tagged and why?


If you can't access the management, then you should list:

For each Subnet/VLAN:

 - IP address / Subnet mask


And provide the IP address/ Subnet Mask / Default GW for your PCs on each VLAN.