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V1910 routing problem

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V1910 routing problem



I have a small problem, but I think anyone here can give me the correct tip. 


So we have a V1910-24G switch an configured some vlans, which vlan interfaces, etc.


vlan 1:        internet             untagged port 23-24

vlan 100:   company       untagged port 1-8

vlan 110:   guest wlan       untagged port 20


So on the port 24 (vlan1), we have a "simple" router with the ip address, on port 1 i have at the moment a pc whith the ip address and an port 20 I have an laptop with the ip address

Every device (not the router) has as default gateway the switch ip address in their subnet. On the switch there iss allready an static route defined. -->

And on the router there are the return routes defined.


So at the moment, I can ping every device in every vlan, which is okay at the moment. So I can reach from vlan 100 the router


My Problem is, I can not reach something after the router, like It work's only when I'm directly in VLAN1.


But why?

I hope anybody can give me a good tip.




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Re: V1910 routing problem

i guess something is wrong with the return routes you created on the router


It should say something like ==> and ==>