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V1910 switches VLAN and limited access to management

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V1910 switches VLAN and limited access to management

First I am a newbie at this. I have read the sections of the manual that I believe are applicable but to be frank the manual is lacking in specifics.


I have 3 V1910 series switches that I would like to configure as follows.


First switch, I will call it the Master,  I am using ports 1 and 2 as "stack ports". Ports 3 to 16 inclusive are on VLAN 5 and ports 17 to 24 are on  VLAN 10. On both of the other switches, Slave 1 and 2, all of the ports are on VLAN 5. So far everything is working but.......


I want only port 2 on Slave 1 and port 2 Slave 2 to be able to access the management pages. At the present time I can access the management pages from any port on Slave 1 and 2 but only from ports 3 to 16 on the master. I believe the problem is with way I have the VLAN interface setup but am not sure. I have created a VLAN interface for VLAN 5 but not VLAN 10.


Any help would be appreciated.