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cmdeline password!

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cmdeline password!


I'm a new user of HPE switchs. I'm working with a few 1920 Sws and there's a default password on cmdline. (512900, o Jinhuma....) What i wanna know is that if is possible to change that password, to assure my security, and make my enviroment more safe.



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Re: cmdeline password!


Actually this is not the default password for your switch. The 1920 switch is a webbased switch, this means it can only be managed by webbrowser.

I know you find a way to "unlock" the CLI but that is actually for support purposes only. So to answer your question, this password can not be changed. 

You can configure a new local-user on your switch with a password of your own. After configuring this, you will have to login with that user aswell AFTER unlocking the CLI,  if you want to make your switches more secure.

PS: this topic should be under comware switches


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Re: cmdeline password!

Changing the "god-mode" password will hardly increase security.  You have to access the switch with telnet/ssh to begin with, both can be secured with password and a per user ACL specifying source IP