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procurve 1910 Vlan routing : no internet access

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procurve 1910 Vlan routing : no internet access

Vlan routing : can't access internet.


Hi ,

I need some help on this issue that is making me mad …


On my switch 1910-8G , I can create VLANs and make routing between them . Each PC in a vlan can ping another PC in another vlan

But a PC in a Vlan can't go on the internet excepting PC in default Vlan


Here is the details :

Switch HP 1910-8G JG348A , version 5,20 release : 1513P99 BootRom 173


Network schema :

Internet Box access : Lan 192,168,1,254 /255,255,255,0 , WAN Fix IP by Internet provider


Router : Lan : , Wan gw on port 8 of the switch default vlan 1



Switch configured with network wizard : I give it : / and gw :

so it create a default IP V4 route : / / Nexthop192.168.0.254 Vlan Interfave 1


I created VLAN 30 and make untagged member Port 3 , and not member from VLAN 1

I created VLAN 40 and make untagged member Port 4 , and not member from VLAN 1

I create virtual vlan interface 30 :

I create virtual vlan interface 40 :


PC0 : gw on port 1 PVID 1

PC30 : gw on port 3 PVID 30

PC40 : gw on port 4 PVID 40



ping works in all ways between pc


PC0 can go on the internet and ping and

PC30 & PC40 can't go on internet and can't ping or even

Adding route gw in Internet Router (DD-WRT) helps PC30 to ping


Please note that I have already delete / / Nexthop192.168.0.254 Vlan Interfave 1 created by wizard and recreate it manually (instead with the wizard option) and there was no changes .

I didn't define any ACL. The configuration is done after a switch re-initialization .

Same result with port in Hybrid or in Access mode …


Aaaarrrgghhhh ! ;-)


What am i missing ? Thanks for your help !





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Re: procurve 1910 Vlan routing : no internet access

Some news about my issue.


I change the DDWRt router for an Asus RT-n66u to give a try (same IP/conf without any changes on HP switch...). I put the same route back in IP Static routing of Asus RT like I puttted in Ddwrt  and ... it works !

I had already use Static IP in DDwrt router and works like a charm in other situations... but not this one !


Can someone help with some explainations why it doesn't work with DD-Wrt router in Gateway mode and works with Asus RT in gateway mode too ... 

Thanks for help