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Process Resource Manager ( PRM )

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Process Resource Manager ( PRM )

We have configured PRM ( Ver B.10.25 ) on HPUX 10.20. Currently it is
configured to guarantee minimum CPU entitlement and without any capping.
Multiple groups have been defined across various users. The problem is
prmmonitor output shows the entire CPU utilization under PRM_SYS Group and not
the other defined groups. This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it shows
the CPU utilization distribution across all the groups even though the CPU
utilization has not reached its peak.

Has anyone faced similar problem or are there any patches to be applied, please
let me know.
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Re: Process Resource Manager ( PRM )

B.10.25 (1.04) is an old version of PRM. The latest PRM version for 10.20 is 1.07, the latest for 11.0 is 1.08. You might
try installing the latest version from
your application update CD.