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Workload and Resource Management
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Where is wlmsend / wlmrcvdc on Work Load Manager 11i

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Mark Payne_1
Occasional Contributor

Where is wlmsend / wlmrcvdc on Work Load Manager 11i

I am testing WLM on 11i and I want to hook my performance monitoring scripts into WLM using wlmsend (and wlmrcvdc) as detailed in the user guide. I have WLM up and running but I have no wlmsend binary or man pages.

It is like the user guide is adversising a technique that does not exist.
Steven Landherr
Occasional Visitor

Re: Where is wlmsend / wlmrcvdc on Work Load Manager 11i

wlmsend/wlmrcvdc are available starting in WLM A.01.01. Because of the timing of that release with respect to the HP-UX 11i release, it is only supported on HP-UX 11.0. WLM A.01.01.01 will ship on the March 2001 Application CD and will contain wlmsend/wlmrcvdc for 11i.
Mark Payne_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Where is wlmsend / wlmrcvdc on Work Load Manager 11i

Thanks Steven,
You are right on the money.
FYI I did sus this out in the end and I have installed A.01.01 WLM on my 11i A180 system which "seems" to be working fine. Is this supported do you know?

Another question WLM on workstations... Ok this is not supported. Is this a maketing stance or real technical issue? I have also installed WLM (A.01.00.02)on a C200 from the Dec2000 11i software set and it works! However if you try and upgrade it to A.01.01 from the latest 11.0 set, swinstall complains because it knows this should not go on a workstation. So I override this and make swinstall do it anyway and then you end up in a mess with WLM shared libs.

What is the official position with 11i/WLM/Workstations.

Sam Nicholls
Trusted Contributor

Re: Where is wlmsend / wlmrcvdc on Work Load Manager 11i


There is no technical reason that WLM should not work on a S700 workstation. However, it is an unsupported platform. So you may want to use the workstation for evaluation and development of your performance monitors, but not for production.

WLM A.01.00.02 should not have installed on your 11i workstation. A mistake was made during the software packaging. Future versions of WLM will not install on workstations.

If you have a need to use WLM on a workstation, we would be very interested in hearing about it. The primary purpose for WLM is to facilitate application consolidation and the larger server class systems are usually the target for this. If there is a demand, then we would consider making workstations a supported platform.

Sam Nicholls
WLM Product Team
Hewlett Packard