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DS10 memory

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DS10 memory

We are fitting more memory to our DS10 running VMS 7.2-1 and I would like to know if VMS will autogen automatically on reboot?
Also I assume that I will have to create another swap file and that this will not be done automatically on reboot.
Occasional Advisor

Re: DS10 memory

If your DS10 had run with normal workload you should save feedback data during the shutdown to add new memory (using the SAVE_FEEDBACK option of SHHUTDOWN.COM.
After rebooting you should AUTOGEN the system usgin @SYS$UPDATE:AUTOGEN GETDATA TESTFILES and review the AGEN$PARAMS.REPORT file in SYS$SYSTEM. If all looks well rerun the AUTOGEN with phases GETDATA SETPARAMS and reboot.
If more page/swapfile is required depends on your current configuration. I normally disable AUTOGEN to mangle my pagefile (using the PAGEFILE=0,SWAPFILE=0 in MODPARAMS.DAT) and check the report (at the end) and then extend my pagefile manually.