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Problem faced in Image Backup

Occasional Contributor

Problem faced in Image Backup

I faced the Image Backup problem in the Alpha server DS15. There are 2 messages keep on scrolling once I key in the following command:
backup/image dka0: mka100:cp00_sys.bck/label=cp0sys

Below are the 2 messages keep on scrolling:
- System-I-mountver, DKA0: is offline, mount veification in progress.
- System-I-mountver, DKA0: has completed mount verification.

What could be the problem for this?
Any solution for this?
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problem faced in Image Backup

This looks like a problem on the SCSI bus. Are all connectors correct and is termination valid? What does the error log say about it?

The 'standard' recommendation is to put the tape on a extra SCSI bus for better performance, but mount verifications all over the place should not occur.

regards Kalle