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Nimble Connection Manager version checker via REST/python

Occasional Advisor

Nimble Connection Manager version checker via REST/python

This was a tool I put together to help us find all the MS servers connected directly to an array and check their version of NCM. It works by using Casey Crawford's Nimble REST python wrapper to connect to the specified array and gather all of the defined initiators. From there it looks for the word "microsoft" in the IQN and if found, it calls a WMIC query to the target server name derived from the IQN to check for NCM and what version it is.

This currently is *Windows* only!


1. must be run with privileges that can call a successful WMIC query to your servers

2. assumes that target IQNs on servers have NOT been changed, as they by default, contain the server FQDN, which this script relies on for the WMIC calls.

3. if you have a python environment, you must have "requests" installed for REST wrapper to work. "pip install requests" will bring the package in. I am working on a proper build with a requirements.txt to be fulfilled by If you do NOT have a python environment, I have a compiled .exe in the 'dist' folder that will run on a machine without any libraries (as tested on default install win7 machines in my environment).

You will probably find some bugs as my environment for testing is not very large and we dont tend to use 'in-guest' connections very often. It is very useful however when you need to find which servers do have 'in-guest' and what versions they are using!

Please let me know of any bugs you run into or you can contribute to the project on Github.