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Re: SNMP seems lacking, alternatives for monitoring?

Occasional Advisor

SNMP seems lacking, alternatives for monitoring?

Hey all, curious if anyone else has concerns over the SNMP capabilities of the Nimble AFA arrays and if you have any workarounds?  I'm adding some AF7k's to our NMS and found it surprising SNMPv3 isn't supported, and how woefully lacking the OID's are in coverage.  Perhaps an ssh / "expect" script could gather some of this info via CLI?

Some of the things I was hoping to monitor for:

  • NIC status on the standby controller (MTU setting, operational status)
  • Fan status on both
  • Temps on both
  • Replication status, data remaining, speed

I realize some of that may hopefully generate a trap, but that's when it gets to the point that there actually is a problem, versus trend monitoring.

Occasional Advisor

Re: SNMP seems lacking, alternatives for monitoring?

I too would like to see more SNMP OIDs for stuff, but until that day comes, I have been using the REST API.  A lot of the stuff you want is in there.  I am not for sure what monitoring system you are using but we are using Centreon which allows me to write a custom script to glean this data.  We monitor the hard drive health, raid health, and a few other things.  If you can use Nagios/Centreon plugins, I can share.  Written in perl.