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Nimble Replication

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Nimble Replication


We have purchased two nimble storage CS220 arrays.

We set up one successfully at our production site and now we are tasked with setting up the 2nd one at our DR site.

We are running into issues with figuring out how to route the replication traffic. We have successfully seeded our back ups onsite and have taken the 2nd unit to the DR site.

We have the production nimble using an iscsi vlan for mgmt and data and we want to do the same for the DR site.

Our onsite iscs vlan is and the DR issci network vlan is as well.

We have a private WAN connection going from our firewall to the DR firewall. We are using fortinets.

What do we need to do as far as routing to make sure these networks can talk to each other and handle replication?

Can you make iscsi networks routable?


HPE Blogger

Re: Nimble Replication

Hello Riley, firstly a warm welcome to Nimble and Nimble Connect.

It's possible to route iSCSI networks but personally I wouldn't do it.

Within a Nimble system you had two options to replicate your data; over your management network or your iSCSI data network. Most customers chose to replicate over management.

With Nimble as long as you're on NimbleOS 2.1 you can create separate subnets for different requirements, which means you can create a dedicated Replication Subnet if you so wish.

This blog post might shed some light and give you some ideas in order to facilitate replication over your private WAN link: Nimble OS 2.1 Part 7: VLAN Tagging Support

Nick Dyer
Global Storage Field CTO & Evangelist

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