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Post production application

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Post production application

Hi,  Can anybody share insights into Nimble implementations in post production environments please?  Our customer (prospect) has the need for high, sustained I/O for rendering.  He is currently using NetApp.  Thanks, Les.

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Re: Post production application

I'm guessing you talking about video data here. Even tough compressed data streams are not the best fit for Nimble (because we use compression to increase performance) we have hundreds of customers doing it.  The array is also used for the meta-data, databases, Citrix, VMware,  windows servers, and video data.  Since we are not constrained by spindle count for speed, you can do the entire workload from one array. The best part is that they is no tiering of data so the performance is consistent and the video is stored on low cost SAS drives.  If the post process video is "ALL" your doing, then Nimble might not be the best GB/$ solution.  But if your hosting everything around the process and the video - Nimble works.