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Changing Volume Names

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Changing Volume Names

We are looking to realign our naming convention to match DR/BC policies with protection levels, RTO time, etc.

The simplest thing for us to do would be to rename the existing Nimble volume names and the ESX Datastore names without having to remove them.

We use the same naming convention on the ESX side that we do on the Nimble side (so we can tell what Nimble device it is on and so we know what cluster it is on)

What are the Best Practices and repercussions of doing this?

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Re: Changing Volume Names

I align my names as well.

If you change the volume name, you'll end up changing the IQN and disconnecting it. On the ESX side im fairly certain you can change it without an impact.


Re: Changing Volume Names

I've had to rename a bunch of our volumes before and had no issues.  I used the Nimble vCenter plugin to rename the Nimble volume then it auto refreshes the datastore details.  Then just need to rename the volume in vCenter (ESXi) and your off to the races again.