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LACP on Nimble Array ports?

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LACP on Nimble Array ports?

Does it makes sense to have LACP on storage ports? If not, why?

I know the advantages of LACP on the host side, but wondering what value it brings if it is enabled/supported on storage ports?

Not sure if Nimble supports LACP on their ports. Which other storage vendor supports LACP on their ports?

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Re: LACP on Nimble Array ports?

Hello Prasad!

Typically customers use MPIO (multi-path IO) for load balancing, instead of LACP.

To put it in short form, the three devices in a storage conversation are the host, switch and array.  The two that know the most about the conversation are the host and array.  The LACP protocol is not optimized for storage traffic, whereas MPIO is built specifically for storage.

Using our Nimble Connect Manager makes setting up MPIO a very easy and quick process. Give it a try!

Check out this great doc by Wen Yu for more detail!

TO LACP or NOT to LACP for VM and iSCSI traffic