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AC redundancy + Dynamic Power Save Mode

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AC redundancy + Dynamic Power Save Mode

Hi all,

A few months ago, a C3000 had an event, one of the two AC lines had a failure and the C3000 decided to shut down a blade.

The configuration of the C3000 was "AC redundancy  + Dynamic Power Save Mode", in this configuration maintains the enclosure 2 of the 6 power supplies off.

The question is: Is it possible that the power supply off, of the live circuit, does not have enough time to turn on and the Enclosure need to power off a machine to keep alive the rest of blades?





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Re: AC redundancy + Dynamic Power Save Mode

I'm having a problem remembering. Is AC Redundant N+N or N+1?

If its N+N you need to make sure each N is on its own Circuit or panel.
Dynamic Power Saver should not be a factor because it only kicks in when it doesn't need all N power supplies on a particular side to power your enclosure optimally.

However if you lost a circuit and that circuit had power supplies from both sides of the N+N equation on it, then it would explain the brownout.

The proper wiring should be documented in the c3000 User Guide or maybe even QuickSpecs.