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Add / update custom local admin password

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Add / update custom local admin password

We have several HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures with mostly BL460c G5/G6/G7G8 Blades. iLo ranges from v2 to v4.  What is the easiest way to do the following tasks without having to SSH into each enclosure and run the commands one at a time?  Is there a way to do this centrally and automatically iterate through an entire list of enclosure IPs?


1) Add a local admin (other than Administrator) on all of the Blades if it does not currently exist, log success/failure.

2) Update the the local admin (not the pre-defined Administrator account) password on all of the Blades, log success/failure.


I've looked into using the "HPONCFG all  << end_marker......" commands but you still have to SSH into each box and the logging is rather clunky - you have to do a lot of digging to make sure the command executed with success or failed.  Any guidance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Add / update custom local admin password

What you mentioned above is likely the easiest way to do it outside of some major SIM scripting.

If you use a simple FOR loop, a txt file with the hostnames/IPs of the Enclosures and PLINK (CLI/batch version of putty) you can do this on a bunch of machines at once.

As for QA/success, the easiest way to check is to then go back after you run the above and try to USE the new credentials to grab some piece of information about the Blade/iLO. If that information comes back, the username and password must have been set properly. The Desktop version of HPONCFG is called CPQLOCFG and requires credentials to connect remotely, so ts likely the easiest tool to test your new credentials. The other option would be PLINK again direct to each iLO with a different script that dumps basic identifiable information about the machine.