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Adding new VC Modules to Domain

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Adding new VC Modules to Domain

This should be an easy one to answer.

In another post, it was casually dropped into the conversation that when additional VC ENet modules are added to an enclosure (in this case a c7000, in IC3 and IC4), it is necessary to DELETE THE DOMAIN, and recreate it!!!

Surely this cannot be true, that it is necessary to delete the VC domain to add additional VC Modules??

I have 3 enclosures and I only use VC modules. Currently all of my enclosures have 2 VC ENet modules in IC1 and IC2. We are about to increase the number of VC ENet modules in each enclosure by adding two more, in IC3 and IC4. (I have VC FC modules in 5, 6, 7 & 8).

The requirement to delete and recreate the domain would seem to me to be excessive, if in fact this is a genuine requirement.

As I see it, after installing the new VC ENet modules in 3 and 4, they should be automatically detected, in the same way that new blades are, and show up in the "Rack Overview", although a refresh may be necessary. Then, they should be listed under the Enclosure Bay IP Addressing Screen. IP addresses can be assigned there (can't they?)

I would have thought that the VC manager would be able to see them, again, it may be necessary to log out and log in again, to re-import the information.

Somebody please tell me that the domain delete/recreate is not an actual requirement!

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Re: Adding new VC Modules to Domain

With current firmwares you can add/remove components from domain.
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