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Backup from C7000

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Backup from C7000



We have one C7000 chassis withOA module. chassis is filled with 8 blade, two blade with RHL and 5 blade with win 2012 server. please let me know how to take back-up from Win 2012 server.



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Re: Backup from C7000

Hi EdisonTPJ


I am going to assume that you want to backup the c7000 enclosure settings pf the Onboard Administrator.


In order to do this you need to login to the OA with an Admin userid and then


Enclosure Information -> Enclosure Settings -> Configuration Scripts and then click on SHOW CONFIG link. This will then present a page with all the configuration information. You can save to a text file in order to reconfigure if you lose the OA configuration on THIS same chassis only.


If you wish to use on another chassis you will need to remove the information from the file such as Asset Tag, Enclosure Name, Static IP Addresses and EBIPA Settings.



I am an HP employee.

Re: Backup from C7000

Here are the steps with screenshots to take HP Onboard Administrator backup and restore

Hope it helps..

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Re: Backup from C7000

Hi, suppose I going to setup a data center and there I need to install lots of chassis and much configuration is similar in all chassis. so is there possible that I could take a backup copy from a chassis where I made all configuration and then I can deploy to all chassis and that can make easy to configure.