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bl20p g2 deployment

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bl20p g2 deployment

hello,i am trying to configure a bl20p g2 blade server,i have my blade in a rack and it is powered up now
(please excuse my ignorance,this is really not my field)
i have the diagnostic cable(the one with rj45 and 9 pin connectors not the i/o cable,pings to ok) how do i access the blade through the 9 pin connector?,also when i telnet with rj 45 to i am asked for a user/password(the one on the blade lid does not work),when i http with ie 6 i get nothing,,im stuck,,please help.
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Re: bl20p g2 deployment

Look at top panel for side images, find ILO override security turn it on. That will bypass security and allow you to access ILO console directly, from administration you can set new name and password, than set dip switch back, pulling CMOS battery will cause all settings lost and ilo will be reseat to default password unless system board got replaced, than you can search for password at system board).