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BL20p help to inrease free space.

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BL20p help to inrease free space.

Hi everyone,
we use blade BL20P G3 server with two 36,4GB SCSCI drives working in RAID1. The problem is that free space on these drives is ending (3GB left), so we've bought two new 300GB HD. When we do recovery from old 36GB to new 300GB drive, new drive becomes with the same capatity (Smart Array Controller 6i swhow recovered disk as 300GB, but in system - Debian 4.0 show 36GB, is any way to resolve this, to recovery all data but have 300GB capacity?

Thans for any help.
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Re: BL20p help to inrease free space.

Thats probably an operating system issue Wojtek in your recovery. Does the Array controller say it has one 36Gb partition and lots of unused space?
How are you doing the recovery as that could have an option to expand to fill the disk or recover to the same partition size.