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BL25/45 G1, Boot from USB settings??

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BL25/45 G1, Boot from USB settings??

I have a few Blade servers BL25/BL45 G1's in my environment (40 or so). All are production boxes. A question has come up pertaining to whether or not these servers can boot from USB devices. To my knowledge, the USB ports will only work after OS is loaded, not before.
I thought I'd found an HP webpage indicating the USB level of support HP servers have, but can't find it again...
Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: BL25/45 G1, Boot from USB settings??

According to this:

- The answer is Yes.

HP do have a tool for formatting USB memory to become bootable.
It will appear as a USB floppy or a USB HDD, depending on how you format it.

The link above is a a tool for creating a smart start or FW CD on a USB mem.

And here's another tool, that I havn't tried.
I'll download that for my self now.


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Re: BL25/45 G1, Boot from USB settings??

Here's some notes that I have made for my self, on solving issues with USB boot
(Settings for the BIOS)


How to boot from USB on a Proliant.

If a Proliant canâ t boot from a USB memory stick.

Check the following:

Check the Memory stick, can it boot from another machine.
When the Memory Stick is known good.

In the RBSU check: (Press F9)
Check the Boot order
The USB memory stick must be listet before the RAID controller, as a USB FDD A: or a USB HDD c:

If that is ok, and the server still wont boot from the USB
Check the USB setting
Select System
Select USB Control (Note there might be a USB 2.0 also, choose the first)
Set USB to enabled.

Or If you got a Server with no Smart Array. But got ei. 2 HDDâ s on a SCSI controller or similar
Then you must check the HDD order.
You Memroy stick may be listet as the last disk.
Move it up as the first disk.

Note in most cases a Proliant should be capable to boot from a USB Memory, when the BIOS is set for default.

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