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BL35p firmware upgrade

Occasional Advisor

BL35p firmware upgrade

We observed a lot of funny power related critical errors from the iLO integrated management log, and report the problem to HP. HP Engineer onsite and ask did we upgrade all firmware to the latest version, being iLO, Blade, and Blade Enclosure. We said no, and they said we need to upgrade the firmware, observe problem recurr and report the problem!!

I went into the HP website, I can find the iLO firmware, server/power enclosure firmware BUT not the blade.

Here are my questions:

- do anybody awared of firmware for the blade itself, and where can I find them?

- can I perform the server/power enclosure firmware upgrade online (although it said is a flash ROM upgrade and will take 25 minutes) without affecting the server performance? and do we need to power cycle the server to get it effective?

Your input most appreciated. KL

Re: BL35p firmware upgrade

Here are the links to update the firmware on the blade itself (System ROM):

- Online ROM Flash Component for Windows (You can do this one from Windows and reboot afterwards)
- Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade BL35p: (This one creates a bootable floppy, you then boot the server from that floppy and do the update offline)

As for the second question, the firmware update for the power / blade enclosure will not affect the performance of the blades, you will not need to reboot or power cycle anything to make it effective.