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BL460c cluster using EVA

Occasional Contributor

BL460c cluster using EVA

Here are the hardware specs:

2 x BL460c each with Mezz1 Dual NiCs, Mezz2 Emulex HBA; Win2008 Ent x64.

Presented to both server 1GB Quorum and 100GB Virtual Disk partition from the EVA. These volumes are shared between the 2 servers.

When running cluster validation following were cancelled:

Disk arbitration
Disk Failover
File System
Multiple Arbitration
Simultaneous Failover

And SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation has status of Failed.

I'm looking to setup failover cluster Hypver-V. Is there any type of document from HP on how this can be done?

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Re: BL460c cluster using EVA

Change host type to 00000004198009A8 in Command View fixed it.
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Re: BL460c cluster using EVA

make sure that the LUNs you are presenting to the win 2008 clusters are set to windows 2008 in command view, on the new version this is a drop down. if windows server is selected your validation report will alway fail.