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BL460c g6 - Can't get network connectivity

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BL460c g6 - Can't get network connectivity

Hi all, I'm brand new to this kind of server architecture so I apologize if this question is stupid.  I searched the forum for an answer and couldn't find one, but if anybody knows of a thread that might help, I'm happy to read up on that thread too.

Here's my problem.  I recently upgraded from some Proiant DL160 servers to a c7000 enclosure with a few BL460c g6's.  I found the DL160s to be extremely straightforward and was naiive to think that the blade system architecture would be similarly easy to get a grasp on.  I can tell it's powerful, I just haven't been able to maximize it yet due to my inexperience.

The BL460c's in the enclosure can't seem to achieve a network connection.  They appear in the Onboard Administrator and I can see temperature readings, and basic diagnostics, which is great.  But the servers themselves can't seem to connect to the network.  I can't seem get an ILO connection either, due to what I assume is the same problem.  The server appears to be booting up just fine whenever I connect to it using an I/O cable.  Everything seems normal, minus the absence of network connectivity.  I have Cisco Catalyst 3020 Blade Switches in interconnect bays 1 & 2. and I'm running Widows Server 2012 R2.  

I guess my first question is this:  Is the onboard NIC sufficient to connect to the network?  Or do I need to get separate mezzanine cards in order to achieve network connectivity?  

Thanks in advance for your expertise and patience.  -Nick

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Re: BL460c g6 - Can't get network connectivity

If you have the switches in bays 1 and 2, this should allow the servers embedded NICs to access the network.  I haven't worked with the Cisco blade switches in years. I don't recall if there is any configuration required on the switch other than conencting a cable to the rest of the network.  If the c7000 and components had been previously configured there may already be switch settings that need to be cleared or modified.

iLO network access is provided via the OA network port. There are settings within the OA on how the iLOs will get an IP address, either DHCP, or EBIPA (Enclosure Based IP Addressing).

I'd suggesting looking here for documents on setting up the enclosure and blade servers


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