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BL460c G6 cannot see any SAN disk

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BL460c G6 cannot see any SAN disk


I have a BL460c G6 that cannot see any SAN disks. The storage team swears up and down that everything is configured properly on their end. They report the WWNs I gave them are "not logged into the fabric", so "it is a problem on my end".

The BL460c G6 is running Windows 2008 R2 with Support Pack 8.5. Everything is up to date except for the iLO (it is not at 2.0 yet).

It is sitting in a c7000 enclosure with four old school virtual connects (two ethernet and two fiber). They are of the "HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module" and "HP 4Gb VC-FC Module" variety. I am using QLogic Mezz card (QMH2462).

VC version 2.32
OA version 3.00
Qlogic Mezz driver is latest from HP site
Qlogic SANsurfer version is latest from HP site
I have run the blade 1.70 support pack to update all the disk firmware, drivers, etc. Not sure if there is a new version than 1.70.

Back end is a product called FalconStor IPStor. I know very little about it as I am not a storage administrator. I believe we use Cisco SAN swithes.

I have another server running Windows 2008 (but not a G6) in the same enclosure that can see SAN disk just fine.

Both SANSurfer and the VC Manager web tool show the blade as being "connected". SANsurfer sees both ports and shows a "good" stutus for both - but no disks. VC Manager shows green across the board. From what I can tell - I am "logged into the fabric".

I have rebooted the server numerous times. Did not help.
I have shutdown the server, pulled it out, and popped it back in. Did not help.

Anyone have any suggestions? Are there any known issues with Windows 2008 R2 or the 8.5 support pack? I don't have a lot of Windows 2008 R2 servers so I have nothing to compare against. 99% of our servers are non-blades, so I have very little experience with blades. I am not a storage administrator, so I have no access to the SAN tools or would not even know how to use them if I did - all I can do is accept what the storage team is telling me is correct.

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Re: BL460c G6 cannot see any SAN disk

Hi Nelson,

which WWN did you supply to the SAN admin ?
Do you use the default Qlogic WWN or do you use one of the HP VC pre-defined ranges of WWN's ?

If all is OK, you should see (in VC manager GUI), the WWN of the external SAN switch into which the VC SAN module uplink port is logged into. Check first if that matches with what the SAN admin can see on that switch.

Look at the attached screenshot and the Brocade CLI output(use the equivalent Cisco SAN switch command), it shows the WWN of the SAN switch where the VC SAN uplink is connected to.

sw8:admin> switchshow
switchName: sw8
switchType: 34.0
switchState: Online
switchMode: Native
switchRole: Principal
switchDomain: 2
switchId: fffc02
switchWwn: 10:00:00:05:1e:02:d6:1f <==
zoning: OFF

The switchshow command on that switch shows a NPIV connection (see port 12) and the detail of that port 12 shows all the server blade WWN's behind that single connection from the VC uplink port to the SAN switch.

Area Port Media Speed State Proto
0 0 id N2 Online F-Port 10:00:00:00:c9:4a:d0:bf


9 9 id N4 No_Light
10 10 id N4 Online F-Port 50:06:0b:00:00:3b:5f:04
11 11 id N2 Online F-Port 10:00:00:00:c9:3f:d3:42
12 12 id N4 Online F-Port 2 NPIV public <=====

sw8:admin> portshow 12


portId: 020c00
portIfId: 4302000c
portWwn: 20:0c:00:05:1e:02:d6:1f
portWwn of device(s) connected:
10:00:00:00:c9:64:42:54 <==WWN server
Distance: normal
portSpeed: N4Gbps

So this way you can verify if the VC uplink is really logged into the switch and if the QLogic WWN is visible in the switch (using portshow x).

This should give you some more confidence it's all ok up to the SAN switch and then it's really a matter of the storage device being able to see this WWN (i.e. logged into the array controllers).
In the above example, the WWN from the server blade that the LUN presentations should be made on by your SAN admin is :


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Re: BL460c G6 cannot see any SAN disk

This thread refers to the different vendors switchcommands equivalents, have a look in for the equivalents on a Cisco for the 'switchshow' and 'portshow' commands on Brocade.


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Re: BL460c G6 cannot see any SAN disk

The port mapping for the blade is that activated too in the Onboard Adminstrator?

If you have the possibility you could also try the blade in another bay in the c-class to see if there might be a problem with the bay.
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Re: BL460c G6 cannot see any SAN disk

Hi all, thanks for all the replies.

I am not using the Qlogic WWNs - the consultant that came originally to help set this up a few years back advised us to have VC generate WWNs and use those. So looking in VC, I see 50:06:0B:00:00:C3:02:00 and 50:06:0B:00:00:C3:02:02 under the WWNP column for the server profile of that blade.

Oh wait - I think I just found the problem. I was using FCINFO to grab the WWNs and I gave them:

50:06:0B:00:00:C3:02:01 (instead of 00)
50:06:0B:00:00:C3:02:03 (instead of 02)

I am going to have them try the ones from VC manager and see how that goes.

Thanks for prompting me to re-check.
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Re: BL460c G6 cannot see any SAN disk

We were using an FCINFO script to collect HBA information from all our servers. The tool we were using to parse the output text file was grabbing WWN port addresses for some servers and WWN node addresses for other servers. I gave the storage team the WWN node values from our database not knowing they were actually the wrong thing (should have sent them port values).

We need to fix the parsing tool to collect only WWN node values.