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bl460c San Switch IP Change Problem

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bl460c San Switch IP Change Problem

Here is the problem:

- Current brocade switch ip's are set to, which appear to be statically set on the switches.
- These brocade switch blades do not have a console port on them to directly connect to.
- The OA allows me to set an ip for the brocades, but it does not change when applied and there is a note at the top of the page that states only dhcp addresses can be changed, not static ones.

Kinda catch 22. If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know. I do not have a lot of stick time on the blades.
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Re: bl460c San Switch IP Change Problem

Can you telnet to the address ?

If so then you should be able to change the IP address from that session, using the ipAddrSet command if I remember correctly.


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Re: bl460c San Switch IP Change Problem

Thanks for the reply,

There is no 10.xx.xx.xx network that we have. That is the default setting out of the box.
I ended up going in via the OA console port and typing "connect interconnect 3" which brought me to the switch login. From there, it was business as usual w/ ipaddrset, etc.

I found the procedure on Pg. 27 and 28 of the "Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch for HP
c-Class BladeSystem user guide" at