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Re: BL460c+Virtual Connect

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BL460c+Virtual Connect

i have a c7000 enclosure with 5 BL460c servers blade inside , in each blade we have installaed a type 1 mezzanine ethernet module , so each bl460c has now 4 network ports ,
i have also 4 VC Enet module 1/10Gb , intsllaed in bay 1 ,2,3and 4 .
- first my question is that , what is the best config of these switches i can use (for redundancy)
and as i am new to these VC switches , note that the switch has 8 uplink ports , so can i use only one port of the switch to connect the 5 blades server ? surely if one port is used in each server only ....
i have worked before with the pass thru module , where each port refer to a network port and cable is assign to it , 16 ports means 16 cables ..
i want to know the difference when using VC switches

thank you
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Re: BL460c+Virtual Connect

Here's a couple of pretty detailed articles on the virutalized network differences that might answer your questions.,289483,sid179_gci1280449,00.html,289483,sid179_gci1295274,00.html

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Re: BL460c+Virtual Connect


See also this

"Virtual Connect for Cisco Administrators"
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