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bl460g7 teaming issue

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bl460g7 teaming issue

bl460g7 embedded nic 553i teaming :nft  mode


After  I set teaming,1 mintue or more nic1 will auto switch to nic2, If I switch nic1 to active nic by manual mode,but nic1 will auto switch to nic2 after a while 。


hp support tell me to upgrade nic driver(4.0360.8) and ncu(10.45.00) and nic firmware (4.0460.15a)to latest ,but iisue still exist .


Network environment:

os:win2008r2 server ent.

switch: hp 6120xg *2 use port 17  connect to uplink

storage:hp p4300g2*2 10gb connect to 6120xg 18 and 19port 

server:hp bl460g7 *5

server (port 1-5)and storage(18-19) and port 17 on vlan 2


all servers and storages port on vlan2 are untagged,but   port 17    is tagged。


ufd function is enable。


only two servers have issue of teaming,and p4300g3 have assigned a volume to fault servers。


what can i do?