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Re: BL465c G1 Teaming Problem

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BL465c G1 Teaming Problem


I have a remote server setup with teaming on the 2 NIC's. I made the mistake of upgrading the driver for the HP Network Configuration Utility (from to, after which the teaming is not working and the only way I can connect to the server is via iLO because the server has lost its IP address. I tried downgrading the driver back to but this won't let me configure teaming -

"the virtual miniport (teaming) driver currently installed is not compatible with the HP Network Configuration Utility software installed. The driver (cpqteam.sys) version must be greater than or equal to version However the version currently installed is Please update the driver or reinstall the teaming software"

I basically want to revert back to the original driver (, and be able to setup teaming as it was before I made this stupid mistake. Any ideas anyone?

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Re: BL465c G1 Teaming Problem

It refers to the virtual bus driver, just update drivers to latest version and then NCU to latest version, you can check then the drivers installation log under C:\CPQSYTEM\LOG\log.txt. Also attach the output of the network survey to confirm information, from command promt type hpnetsvy >filename.txt