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BL465c POST Fimware Upgrade Hung

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BL465c POST Fimware Upgrade Hung

We've run the blade firmware upgrade pack (8.60) on two of these servers and they both now get stuck during the POST process (right after "Redundant ROM Detected - This system contains a valid backup system ROM". The blade and disk controller firmware (E200) both requested a reboot and but I don't think they ever finished upgrading (although the software upgrade process did finish/requested the reboot - I didn't see any of the update process after the reboot). Is there any way to recover from this?

Many thanks.
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Re: BL465c POST Fimware Upgrade Hung

It looks like it fails just before it loads ILO - which is strange as ILO works fine.

There might be an issue with the blade ROM flash. The last entry in the IML log is:
ROM flashed (New version: 05/07/2009)
However, the current ILO version is:
A13 02/26/2007; backup system ROM: 12/02/2006.

I found a more up to date version of the ILO firmware than is in the Firmware Pack (1.80) - I flashed to this firmware and ILO still works fine but I'm afraid it hasn't helped with my issue - suggesting that it's not a bad ILO flash anyway?
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Re: BL465c POST Fimware Upgrade Hung

small typo above:
"However, the current ILO version is:"
should be:
"However, the current version according to ILO/the POST process is:"
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Re: BL465c POST Fimware Upgrade Hung

hmm try this

looks like a twitch or bad flash

clear nv ram

blade clear nvranm
Clearing the system configuration
To clear the system configuration:
1. Power down the server blade
2. Remove the server blade
3. Remove the access panellook at the diagram on it it will show the position of the maintenace switch( it clears Nv ram)
4. Change position 6 of the system maintenance switch to on.
5. Install the access panel
6. Install the server blade in the enclosure and power up the server blade.
7. Wait for the POST message that prompts you to change the switch setting:
Maintenance switch detected in the "On" position.
Power off the server and turn switch to the "Off" position.
8. Repeat steps 1 through 3.
9. Change position 6 of the system maintenance switch to off.
10. Repeat steps 5 through 7.

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