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bl465c / Virtual Connect

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bl465c / Virtual Connect

First we have a very odd set of networking people.. so I cannot use the ethernet virtual connect as we would like.

The issue I've got is we have a single network defined for each server profile with NIC 1 assigned from each of the profiles to separate networks. The networks are each mapped to a single physical network jack. It is working fine, technically. After several hours, or even just minutes at least some server's NIC2 network activity led will begin to blink. The NIC is diabled inside of the operating system, and I know there is no network assigned to it. The problem doesn't affect the same blades consistently even, so I know it is a bug of some sort? All firmware revisions and PSP's are at the latest.
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Re: bl465c / Virtual Connect

That sounds strange.... If port 2 (i.e. NIC 2) in the Server Profile is set to Unassigned, then the NIC should show no link, i.e. it should be unplugged from the network.

In this configuration is the link LED lit?