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Broadcom iSCSI boot invalid DHCP values displayed

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Broadcom iSCSI boot invalid DHCP values displayed

This concerns the Broadcom NC532i adapter on BL460c G6.
I have had success in getting the NIC to log on to our iSCSI target (MSA2324i) using all static parameters in the BIOS, and am now trying to get it to work from DHCP so that we can take advantage of dynamic profile mapping through Virtual Connect.
I have configured the DHCP server with a static lease tied to the MAC address of the adapter, and set up Option 12 (to specify the host IQN) and Option 17 to specify the target properties.
The lease is configured to provide an IP address of (our target is and I have set the correct mask and gateway.

When the server starts its boot sequence, it shows "iSCSI Boot V3.1.5", then displays "Acquiring DHCP parameters for interface (then follows the correct MAC address).
It claims success at connecting to the DHCP server and displays all the initiator and target iSCSI details correctly from the configured options, but the host IP settings are completely wrong. It is displaying an IP address of, a mask of and a gateway of !!! Which is all total junk.

I have checked and treble-checked that the NIC is set to get all its settings from DHCP. I have also tried HBA mode and not, and although the MAC address used differs, the end results are the same.

I have been through the remaining adapters in the BIOS and ensured that there is no trace of these values anywhere I can see them. But it is consistent each time it goes round its boot sequence. Understandably, the attempt at booting fails with "Unable to establish TCP communications with target".

Has anybody seen this kind of behaviour before? Ring any bells? Got any suggestions? Please... Loads of points on offer for a bit of inspiration ;-)