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c-class blades and NLB for terminal servers

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c-class blades and NLB for terminal servers

Does anyone have any experiance with c-class blades and network load balancing with windows terminal servers. I think we have a problem with the mac address that is designated by the virtual connect domain en the mac address that is overridden by the NLB config. Ill elaborate if anyone thinks the might be able to help..
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Re: c-class blades and NLB for terminal servers

This should work OK. I assume you are using unicast NLB as that is the only version that needs to overwrite the MAC address of the NIC.

Essentially, VC overwrites the MAC addresses of the NICs in the BIOS. So in the OS the VC MACs look like the burned-in-addresses (and for all intents and purposes they are). Then NLB Unicast overwrites the MAC in the OS. No problem there. Virtual Connect can handle the logically administered NLB MACs.

It's other things you might have to look out for - Are you running NIC Teaming? Running NIC Teaming with NLB can be tricky and there are some definitel caveats.

What kind of problems are you experiencing?